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The City has been notified that The Grove Assisted Living LLC has filed suit against the City of Frontenac, Mayor Krieg and eight present and former Aldermen. The suit concerns the zoning of the Ladue School District property that formerly housed the Early Childhood Learning Center. Count I of the petition seeks a judicial declaration that the zoning of the property should be changed to allow the company to develop an assisted living facility. Count II alleges that the actions of the City and its officials violated Grove’s civil rights and seeks actual damages of more than $12 Million and unspecified punitive damages against the City and its officials, together with attorney fees and litigation costs.

The City believes the allegations of the petition are groundless and that the plaintiff is not entitled to any of the relief it seeks. We understand the defense may be lengthy and costly, however the City intends to defend the case fully and expects to be successful in protecting the interests of the people of Frontenac.

Because it is in litigation we will not be commenting on the matter further. The petition is posted here.

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