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Alarm Monitoring

City HallYou can now have your home alarm system monitored by the Police Department!

You can have your home alarm programmed to call directly into the Police Department’s 24/7 9-1-1 Dispatch Center. The cost of our monitoring is very low, and our response time will be that much quicker.

Download current information regarding alarm system improvements.

Download Ordinance 2006-1538 which updates standard alarm practices.

Annual Alarm Monitoring Charges:

- $75 and billed in January (instead of April)

- $25 late fee if not paid within 30 days of billing

- Hackett Security charges nothing for connection to their equipment at the Police Dispatch Center 

- Hackett Security will charge an annual fee of $48

- This charge is only for residents who have their alarms directly monitored by the City. Residents with unpaid annual alarm monitoring charges are subject to disconnection.

- No charge for false alarms 

To connect your existing or new alarm system:
  • Visit City Hall and fill out the required paperwork and pay the annual monitoring fee.
  • Have your current alarm company program your alarm to send a signal to the Police Department when it activates.
  • Contact Communications Supervisor, Gary McDaniel, at 314-373-6531 to be issued an account number and finalize the paperwork. Mr. McDaniel will then contact Hackett Security to advise them of the new connection.