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Advanced Citizens Police Academy

Due to the success of the Basic Citizens Police Academy, the Frontenac Police, in partnership with the Town and Country, Creve Coeur, Des Peres, and Olivette Police Departments, will offer an Advanced Citizens Police Academy to those who have graduated from the Basic Academy.

The Advanced Citizens Police Academy is held once each year, and allows participants the opportunity to gain even more perspective on how your police officers work with you to protect and serve our community.

FleetTopics covered in the Advanced Citizens Police Academy may include:
  • Police K-9 Units
  • Computer crimes
  • Major Case Squad
  • Metro Air Support
  • St. Louis County Tactical Operations

Admission to this Advanced Academy is by approved application only. Participants must be 18 years of age or older in order to be enrolled, and they must have graduated from our Basic Citizens Police Academy. A background investigation is also involved due to the sensitive nature of law enforcement-specific material covered during the course. To register for the program, candidates should complete this online application. By completing the online application form, you are authorizing a background investigation to be completed.  

If you have any questions about our Advanced Citizens Police Academy, please contact Frontenac Police instructors Detective Timothy Duda or Officer Jeremy Newton at the information listed below:

Detective Timothy Duda

Officer Jeremy Newton