City of Frontenac, Missouri

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Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

EntranceThe Frontenac Police Department is trained in Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) techniques.

Police Officers who become certified in crisis intervention attend a 40-hour course that includes instruction on topics ranging from recognition of mental illness and drug dependency and reactions, on-site visits to local mental health facilities, and crisis de-escalation skills. The CIT concept was originally developed by the Memphis, Tennessee Police Department in response to a tragic incident that took place in 1987 involving the fatal shooting of a suicidal individual who approached officers with a knife, while also harming himself. 

The CIT program provides law enforcement officers with the training necessary to ensure a professional response that is as safe as possible for the subject, and the officer.  In the past, Frontenac Police CIT Officers have received awards for their successful outcomes in CIT- related calls for service.