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Child Safety Seat Inspections

CoinYour Police Department has 2 Police Officers certified to conduct safety inspections of child safety seats you have installed in your vehicle. This service is for residents of Frontenac, Crystal Lake Park, Huntleigh, and Westwood. The Officers' training allows them to identify potential defects or vehicle and equipment installation problems. Such inspections have revealed that some of the child safety seat installations we have looked at were done improperly.

If you are a resident of Frontenac, Crystal Lake Park, Huntleigh, or Westwood, and would like to arrange for an appointment for such inspections at either your home or the Police Station, please contact Officer Jeremy Newton at 314-373-6512 / - or Officer Rich Helm at 314-373-6531 / . These veteran officers will inspect your car seat installation to help ensure your child's safety and their maximum protection. If they are not on duty when you call, please leave a voice mail message for them, and they will return your call to schedule your appointment.  If you have purchased a new child safety seat, please remove it from the box and place it in the seat per the manufacturer's instructions prior to contacting the Officers for an inspection of the installation.

*** New Child Safety Seat Law ***

A new Missouri law, effective August 28, 2006, says your child must be in a booster seat if they are ages 4-7 years old, unless they are 80 pounds or 4'9" tall.”