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Property Maintenance

The City of Frontenac adopted the International Property Maintenance Code, ordinances for public nuisances and ordinances for weeds and grass. The purpose of the ordinances and code is to assure that properties are maintained and kept in good repair.

Some of the more common violations that are written up by the building department are:

  • Allowing grass to grow taller than 7 inches.
  • Not keeping trees and bushes trimmed away from the road way or sidewalks and twelve feet above the road way or sidewalks.
  • Dead trees or bushes
  • Draining pool water onto the ground or into the street.
  • Diverting storm water onto the neighboring property from downspouts, sump pumps or re-grading such that water will divert onto neighboring property.
  • Accumulation of trash and debris.
  • Not maintaining a fence or other structures on the property.
  • Not maintaining a pool.

If a violation is observed, the building inspector will write a letter to the owners of the property informing them of a code violation. The required due date to complete the repairs is noted on the letter which is typically 7 days or 30 days. The building department does not perform routine property maintenance inspections. The inspector will note any violations if observed while doing other inspections or if a resident calls in regarding a concern about a property.

If you have a concern regarding a possible code violation you may call City Hall at 314-994-3200.

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