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Fall Leaf Collection

The City of Frontenac provides an annual curbside leaf collection program through Hendel Lawncare, Inc. Collection typically runs from late october through december.

A detailed schedule is mailed to residents and posted on the City website by early October each year.  The schedule lists the beginning date leaves must be out by. Every attempt will be made to maintain the schedule, but residents should be prepared for delays due to inclement weather. If leaves are put out after the final scheduled pass, you can pay for a late pickup by contacting Hendel Lawncare at (314) 863-1420.

Your regular trash hauler, Gateway Disposal, will continue to provide weekly yard waste removal. Leaves and other loose yard waste should be placed in trash cans or paper bags at the curb as usual before 7:00 a.m. on Monday of each week.

The leaf vacuuming process will create dust and a small amount of leaf debris. We cannot be responsible for the dust on vehicles or other items of personal property.

  • Keep your piles long and narrow; the equipment will reach only 10 feet into your yard.
  • Leaves should be in open areas not under bushes, trees, or mailboxes to allow access by the equipment.


  • For fire and life safety issues, DO NOT pile leaves in the street or on the sidewalks. Leaves must be placed near the street, but on your lawn. 
  • Please remove rocks, bricks, glass, branches or other hard materials. Such items are harmful to the equipment and may injure an employee during collection. Any pile containing such debris will be passed by.
  • Piles blocked with parked cars will not be picked up.

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