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Municipal Court Citation Information

This website provides a very convenient way for the public to check their pending municipal court cases, outstanding fines / costs and other information that will assist them in resolving those cases.  The information can be accessed at

Area municipal court administrators, prosecutors and judges have worked with the Regional Justice Information Service (REJIS) Commission to create a very user friendly tool to access this information. 

On occasion, people lose their copy of a traffic ticket, forget a court date or need information about a case and this website will provide a quick, convenient way to access that information.  People can enter their name, case number, ticket number or court date to locate the information they need.  The website is intuitive and user friendly.

This website will only include information from the municipal courts that use REJIS services.  The REJIS Commission is a government entity created to provide information technology services to criminal justice and government agencies.

REJIS was founded in 1974 under a cooperative agreement between St. Louis City and St. Louis County.

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