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Listed below are several links to help you identify if your storm water problem is included on the master plan, and when a project is planned for your area. 

If you are not listed on the plan, please print out and submit a questionnaire. If you would like to apply for the City’s storm water grant fund to accelerate your project, a grant application is attached under “Stormwater Grant Application”. Follow the links below to see the schedule for approximate construction year(s) for your project(s): 

  • Look up your address (or neighbors) on “Street Address Locator
    The list of addresses integrates the new questionnaires that were received in 2020.  Due to the large number of questionnaires reviewed, over 55, new projects were only created for those with structural flooding issues, safety issues, and structures threatened by erosion. New projects will be created for the remaining questionnaires when funding allows. Those questionnaires for which a solution was not developed are denoted with an “a”. Those questionnaires that already had a previous questionnaire for that address were denoted with a “b”. Some addresses have 2 lines to note new and old questionnaires for that address.
  • On your Street Address Locator is a figure number such as “6-2”
  • Go to your figure number listed on the home page and click it
  • Each figure will have several specific problem types. Following the figure are cost estimates for each project on the drawing. Find the cost estimate for your project and note the Problem Type such as Overland Flow or Overland Flow Structural Flooding, in the Project Name. 
  • Once you have identified your figure number AND problem type, go to “Stormwater Dates” to find out when your project is scheduled

If you have questions about the storm water grant, contact City Hall at 994-3200. To request a copy of your conceptual plan, e-mail

In 2004 Frontenac residents approved by vote a ½ cent sales tax to fund storm water improvements within the City.

A questionnaire was sent out to move forward with the implementation of the program and survey the residents as to any storm water issues they may have. The results from this survey are the basis of the master plan.

In 2005 the City contracted with EDM Engineering to compose the master plan and prioritize the questionnaires. The prioritization is based on an approved point system and structural flooding coding. 2005 also marks our first projects being implemented.

In 2007 Public Works enacted the matching 50% grant system of up to $50,000 for each year, allowing property owners to address flooding issues on their property in a timely manner on a cost share system.

2010 marked the year the City was awarded the 319 grant funding from Deer Creek Alliance and also in 2011 in conjunction with the Missouri Botanical Garden.

2013 began the coordination with MSD on combining efforts with MSD planned projects with ours as to not disturb subdivision areas twice for storm water repairs and improvements, (Lesson learned from Lynnbrook) with reimbursement from MSD. This has effectively provided the program with an additional $500,000 of funding.

In addition to recognition of MSD cooperation and teamwork with projects and funding, The Deer Creek Alliance combined with the Botanical Garden grant assistance has proved to be essential for success.

Special thanks to the Public Works Commission for having the foresight in pursuing storm water issues within Frontenac and overseeing the projects and bid proposals for the projects. The Storm Water Master Plan of Frontenac has been recognized in Municipal Magazine by Civil Engineering industry and nominated by the Missouri Botanical Garden for award and recognition in leadership in design of Storm Water projects.

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