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Residential Sanitary Sewer Lateral Repair Policy and Procedures - Adopted by Ordinance 2001-1225.

The Frontenac Board of Aldermen approved a Residential Sanitary Sewer Lateral Repair policy effective January 1, 2002.  This policy states the owner of a single family home may recover 100% of the authorized costs (not to exceed $3,400.00) in repairing defective sewer lateral service lines serving the property of the owner, in compliance with the City of Frontenac’s policy and procedures governing this program.

Each owner of a single family home shall be assessed twenty-eight dollars ($28.00) per year on their annual general tax levy bill. Owners of residential dwellings who are delinquent in paying any City of Frontenac taxes, fees or assessments will not be allowed to participate in the program until all taxes, fees, assessment and interest have been paid. For more information about eligibility, costs, and procedures, please view the printable Residential Sewer Lateral Repair Document.

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