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Geyer Road Paving

Geyer Road Paving Overview

As a result of long range planning by the Public Works Commission and Board of Aldermen working with City staff and consultants, federal grant funding was applied for to provide asphalt roadway milling and paving, the installation of concrete curbs and gutters, sidewalks and Stormwater drainage improvements on Geyer Road.  For a link to the design study conducted by Lochmueller Group click here.

Grant Funding

After determining there was support both city-wide and along Geyer Road to seek funding through the installation of sidewalks, the City retained Lochmueller Group to assist with the grant application.  The installation of sidewalks is a key component for eligibility  of grant funding.  Minimum City match is 20% and the City committed to a 25% match if selected to enhance the chances for selection in the competitive application process.  A complete list of applications can be found here.  A sample of the match amounts proposed by other communities is listed below.

Clayton 31%
Creve Coeur 35/48%
Maryland Heights 40%
Olivette 30%
Richmond Heights 22%
St. Louis County varies some at 20% some as high as 62% match
Town and Country 50%
U City 51.3%
Webster Groves 28%

Phase I from Geyer to approximately Steeplechase was applied for in late February of 2017 and initial grant announcements will be in the Summer of 2017.  Any agreement to move forward will require approval of the Board of Aldermen.

Survey Results

An initial survey of only those residents who had property abutting Geyer Road was conducted in January 2016.  The survey asked those residents for feedback on  several options, including pavement widening, sidewalks and trails.  45 of the 78 residents (or 58%) responded and only 44% were in favor of providing any pedestrian access.  The largest opposition was to widening the pavement.

After determining the financial benefits of being eligible for grant funding if sidewalks were included, another survey was sent to residents city-wide in early September 2016.  The results of the survey are listed below.

90% of residents city-wide who responded are in favor of applying for grant funding for sidewalks.

57% of residents who have property abutting Geyer Road are in favor.

87% of residents who live on streets off of Geyer Road are in favor.

If you have questions about the status of the Geyer Road project, feel free to call or e-mail City Administrator Jaysen Christensen at 373-6503 or Public Works Director Jeff Wappelhorst at 994-3200

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