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EMS Service

The Department currently employs 16 state-certified paramedics and four EMTs under the medical direction of Dr. John H. Wilmas, MD, of Mercy Hospital. These men and women train continuously to better serve their patients and meet recertification requirements set at the state and national level.

The Frontenac Fire Department is constantly seeking advancement in technology in order to benefit patient care and employee safety. The Department is working to strengthen its role within the community, reduce its response time, and enhance educational and advancement opportunities within the system.

The Frontenac Fire Department strives to be a member of the critical link in the health-care chain of survival. This chain of survival begins with the activation of the 9-1-1 system. The City of Frontenac contracts with Central County Emergency 911 Dispatch Center. This Dispatch Center is able to instruct bystanders, by telephone, how to correctly administer cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and provide many other life-saving services until EMS has arrived. This asset greatly increases patients’ survivability.

The Fire Department has recently added a new Lifepack 15 cardiac monitor. This sophisticated device can not only monitor the patient’s heart, but can also be used by our paramedics to defibrillate in the event of a cardiac arrest. The equipment can monitor End-Tidal CO2, CO, and SPO2 levels within the blood.  Additionally, it can digitally transmit electrocardiogram readings to local hospitals. This digital transmission capability has greatly shortened definitive treatment such as cardiac catheterization.

Some additional equipment introduced within the department’s EMS service includes CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), EZ-IO, and the Lucas Chest Compression System. CPAP helps to remove fluid from the lungs, a common symptom in people suffering from congestive heart failure (CHF).  EZ-IO is a device used to administer fluids and medications directly into the bone marrow when an IV cannot be obtained. Lastly, the Lucas Chest Compression System provides quality chest compressions to free up the hands of our personnel so they may provide other critical treatment during cardiac arrest. With these additions and an average response time of four minutes, the Fire Department’s ambulance, state-of-the art equipment and highly trained staff are able to rapidly initiate critical care, which greatly increases the chance of survival.

Remember, anytime you, a family member, guest or neighbor are not feeling well or have injured yourself, do not hesitate to call 911 so we can assist you!

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