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Bicycle Safety

Know Your Responsibilities!    Patch

  The first step is to wear a properly fitted helmet. A helmet is a must in helping to prevent serious injury. Seventy -     five percent of all fatal or permanent injuries in bicycle accidents are head injuries, and a good helmet will protect against most of these.

With a few exceptions, the safest way to ride is as part of the normal traffic pattern. The rules of the road set up a pattern for every situation, making it clear to both motorist and bicyclist what each is going to do next. If you are not a licensed driver, ask a trusted adult driver to explain what traffic rules may affect you while riding.

Bicyclists often like to ride side by side, which is okay on a straight, flat, multi-lane road with light traffic. On a narrow road, bicyclists should pull into a single line well before cars reach them.

To ride at night, a bicycle must be equipped with a white headlight and a rear-facing red reflector or red taillight. Reflective material must be on the pedals, cranks, or rider's shoes, and there must be reflective material visible on both sides of the bicycle or rider.

Please take time and review Your Roadway Responsibilities.

Enjoy riding and be safe!

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