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Flood Plain Regulations

The Flood Plain Regulations are in chapter 415 of the Municipal Code of Frontenac and is titled, “Flood Damage Prevention.”

The Frontenac Flood Damage Prevention regulations have been reviewed and approved as meeting federal regulations by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). There are two major flood plain areas in the City, which are primarily located around Deer Creek and Two Mile Creek. Any construction or land disturbance in a flood plain requires a flood plain development permit from the Building Department. The Building Commissioner and Zoning Administrator is the Flood Plain Administrator for the City of Frontenac.

Any new structures that would be proposed in the City of Frontenac are required to have floor elevation, which would include the basement floor at least two feet above the base flood elevation for the property that the structure is located on. Please refer to chapter 415. Any existing building in a flood plain that does not meet the flood prevention regulations may remain. However, if there are any substantial improvements exceeding 50% of the value of the structure, then the entire structure must be brought into compliance with the regulations. Also, the storm water regulations of the City apply to new structures and land disturbances in the flood plain, which is the same for all properties in the City.

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