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Building & Planning


To protect of public health, safety and welfare of the public to serve with courtesy and professional manner by performing zoning and building plan reviews, issuing permits, and performing inspections of new construction and existing building sites to ensure compliance with all codes and property maintenance requirements in order to maintain the high standard of living and quality of life for the residents and visitors of the City of Frontenac.


  • Protect the public health, safety, welfare and property
  • Promote public awareness and understanding of the department
  • Provide planning and zoning and building permit reviews in a timely manner
  • Maintain up to date building codes Improve storm water runoff from redeveloped property
  • Preserve the character of Frontenac’s buildings

David Fairgrieve - Building Commissioner


David Fairgrieve - Building Commissioner
Jon Jespersen - Building Inspector and Plan Reviewer
Shari Cooper - Administrative Clerk

Phone Number: (314) 994-3200
Fax Number: (314) 994-3203

The City of Frontenac has adopted the 2021 International Building Code, Residential Code, Swimming Pool
and Spa Code, Energy Conservation Code, Property Maintenance Code and
Existing Building Code (Ord. 2024-2029) as amended.

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David Fairgrieve,
Building Commissioner

City Hall
10555 Clayton Rd
Frontenac, MO 63131
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